At Codornices Forge we are interested in the expression of the "plastic" qualities of metal, achieved through direct process. There is something wonderful about taking a dull metal bar and transforming it into a thing of beauty, finding the life in it. The material is heated then forged, i.e. shaped plastically, either being reduced in cross section (drawn out) or made fatter (upset) by hammering or using a press. It can also be cut, slit, punched, et-cetera and then joined by rivet, mortise and tenon, welding, braising and so on.

An aspect of the medium I value is steel's inherent lack of flash in this age of bright lights and high tech. This necessitates a reliance on good design and execution of the work, on the integrity of elements and their inter-relationship in the composition and functional context.

Our approach is for creative expression to not trump function.

We work primarily in steel but also copper, brass, bronze and stainless steel. We take commissions for smaller gates and railings, hardware, fireplace accessories, furniture, sculpture, etc.